In order to assist and support MPs in their legislative activities, an Information Centre was opened in the Office Building of the Hungarian Parliament on the 1st of September 1991.

The Information Centre provides professional and library information for legislation, staff, committees and parliamentary factions.

The Information Centre is run jointly by the Secretary General's organisation and the Library of the Parliament. We offer full service for the MPs and limited service for the citizens.

However you could find the most information on the activities of the Parliament on our homepage in Hungarian language, we can help you by giving methodological suggestions to the search. We can also give answers to your question about the activities of the Hungarian Parliament.

Subjects of the service:

The Information Centre provides up-to-date information about

Data on the activities of the Parliament

Publications of activities of the Parliament are compiled half-yearly and yearly. The Centre also provides information about these data and statistics.

Public telephone line and E-mail service

The Information Centre established an open public telephone line service for citizens in 1997. We provide actual parliamentary information for the citizens directly and rapidly.

A lot of people prefer e-mail to telephone call so the Centre has extended its activity to provide information through e-mail.

Phone number: + 36 1 441-6481

E-mail address: ktk@parlament.hu